• Who Is Supplying North Korea With Missile Technology?
    August 16th, 2017. \\ World.

    A recent article in The New York Times about “Ukrainian engines for North Korea” suggests a cleverly orchestrated propaganda attack against Ukraine. According to an expert evaluation by the Ukrainian based Centre for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS), the article in The New York …

  • The Portuguese Military Doctor
    August 13th, 2017. \\ World.

    Claudia Santos is a military doctor in the Portuguese army. She believes working as a doctor and being in the military share the same vocational purpose of giving to others and giving to the country. “As a military doctor, it is very important under stressful situations to keep calm, be able t…

  • Islamic Terrorism & Russia Pose Ongoing Threats To UK Says Former MI5 Chief
    August 11th, 2017. \\ World.

    The UK may continue to face the threat of Islamist terrorism for another “20 to 30 years”, the former head of MI5 has told the BBC. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Lord Evans said the issue was a “generational problem” and that the UK needed to “persevere…

Business and Economy.
  • Tomorrow’s World Unveiled Today In Astana
    August 17th, 2017. \\ Business and Economy.

    Expo 2017, an International Exposition currently taking taking place in Astana, has stunned and delighted with the new technical innovations on display, many for the first time. From Korea’s solar powered aircraft to China’s flying train, tomorrow’s world has been on display for the estimated…

  • Brexit Fuels Staff Shortages In London
    August 8th, 2017. \\ Business and Economy.

    A shortage of staff for British employers worsened in July, hurt by the departure of European Union workers after last year’s Brexit vote, a group representing recruitment agencies said today (Aug 8th). The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said the availability of staff overall…

  • Should the European Banking Authority move post-Brexit to a compromise Brussels location?
    August 4th, 2017. \\ Business and Economy.

    The European Banking Authority (EBA), Europe’s banking watchdog, will need to leave its London home in Canary Wharf after the UK leaves the European Union. The bids are all in from eight European cities, each vying to become the new seat of the EBA. The contenders are Dublin, Frankfurt, Pari…

  • Rosneft & Systema Locked In Legal Battle
    August 16th, 2017. \\ Energy.

    In a headline-grabbing lawsuit between Russian corporate giants, regional oil company Bashneft and its parent Rosneft will be hoping to press home their claims tomorrow (Thursday) in the Bashkortostan regional capital of Ufa that the telecoms-to-travel conglomerate Sistema systematically stripped B…

  • Siemens Withdraws From Russian Energy Projects
    July 22nd, 2017. \\ Energy.

    German industrial giant Siemens will withdraw from a Russian joint venture after discovering that four of its gas turbines were illegally shipped to Crimea. The company will also halt deliveries of power generation equipment to Russian state-controlled customers for the “time being”. …

  • UK To Hold Back Up Power Auction
    July 7th, 2017. \\ Energy.

    The UK will hold an auction to secure up to 50.1 gigawatts (GW) of back-up electricity generating capacity for 2021/2022 in February 2018, the government announced today (July 7th). Britain began capacity auctions in 2014 looking to head off future winter power shortages as coal plants close and …

Human Rights.
  • Russia Continues To Deny Soviet Genocide In WW2
    August 3rd, 2017. \\ Human Rights.

    Unlike Germany, which has acknowledged and apologised for crimes committed by its Nazi regime, Russia as the legal successor of the Soviet Union has yet to do so. Instead modern Russia under Vladimir Putin appears to glorify its genocidal past. Many of these incidents occurred in Eastern Europe bef…

  • EU Must Do More On Human Rights Violations In Occupied Kashmir
    July 20th, 2017. \\ Human Rights.

    The EU is being urged to do more to help defuse growing tensions between India and Pakistan over the long running Kashmir conflict. The two sides have disputed the territory for nearly 70 years - since independence from Britain.Both countries claim the territory but control only parts of it and t…

  • Turkey Arrests 6 Human Rights Activists
    July 19th, 2017. \\ Human Rights.

    Germany has summoned the Turkish ambassador to protest Ankara’s arrest of six human rights activists including a German, a foreign ministry spokesman has said, according to Reuters. Spokesman Martin Schaefer added during a regular government news conference that Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabri…

  • Drought Brings Fears Over Tagus River
    August 14th, 2017. \\ Environment.

    The Tagus river, at 1007 km the longest in the Iberian peninsula, and which supplies drinking water to much of central Spain, is in danger of drying up completely as Spain finds itself in the grip of another drought. Miguel Ángel Sánchez, spokesman of the Platform in Defence of the Tagus, says …

  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are Damaging Our Health
    August 2nd, 2017. \\ Environment.

    The Health and Environment Alliance has launched the first-ever comparison of fossil fuel subsidies and the costs to health associated with air pollution from fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels causes deadly air pollution and climate change. Yet virtually all governments spend huge amounts of publi…

  • UK To Ban Diesel & Petrol Cars From 2040
    July 26th, 2017. \\ Environment.

    Under proposals due to be announced today, new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK from 2040. The internal combustion engine, one of the most important inventions since the beginning of the industrial revolution, has had its day. In the meantime, from around 2020, town halls will be all…

  • Spirit of Ukraine: Traditional Festival in North London
    August 14th, 2017. \\ Culture.

    Fantastic Ukrainian Festival is coming back to Forty Hall, Enfield. Easily accessible for Londoners, this event has earned popularity and love among Ukrainian community and those who are interested in learning about Ukrainian culture. Come to see traditional Ukrainian dancing and music, enjoy tradit…

  • Art Expo To Tell Story Of Life Behind The Berlin Wall
    August 10th, 2017. \\ Culture.

    An open-air installation is to open along an old section of the Berlin Wall at the weekend, featuring photos of soldiers patrolling the former deadly border, and stories of those persecuted behind it, Reuters has reported. “Beyond the Wall” — 229-metres (250 yards) long and facing…

  • Scaling the heights at top European theme park
    August 3rd, 2017. \\ Culture.

    Looking for inspiration for a short break this summer? If so, look no further than the south east of England which is very easily accessible from Belgium. With a favourable exchange rate there’s every reason to pop over to the UK for a short (or longer) break. If you find yourself on the o…

Dining in Europe.
  • Upholding fine traditions of tasty Thai cuisine
    July 24th, 2017. \\ Dining in Europe.

    It is usually a sign of a good restaurant when it has to turn people away because it’s simply too busy. The popularity and reputation of Thai Café, a “chain” of Asian restaurants, has now spread to Waterloo where its latest “branch” is regularly busy to bursting. Of course, Asian cuisin…

  • Making waves for sustainability on "seafood coast"
    July 22nd, 2017. \\ Dining in Europe.

    Some of the best fish on the planet is landed on England’s South Coast Devon every day. That’s why it is called “Britain’s seafood coast.” One restaurant which is flying for flag for sustainability is Rockfish, a chain stretching out across the south west with the latest due to open in …

  • Flying the flag for top-notch Italian cuisine
    July 20th, 2017. \\ Dining in Europe.

    The new WWII thriller “Dunkirk” is released on 21 July,commemorating the daring and valiant actions of all those involved in the evacuation of thousands of troops from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940, who were under constant attack from German aircraft and guns. The evacuation involved a…