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Boris Nadezhdin: alternative candidate barred from participation in the Russian Presidential Elections

The so-called anti-war candidate in the Russian presidential elections, Boris Nadezhdin, has been excluded from the elections. The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation observed falsifications in the signatures provided to them, and the head of this institution, Ella Pamfilova, advised Nadezhdin to seek recourse in court.

by EUToday Correspondents
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Boris Nadezhdin
Boris Nadezhdin, a systemic candidate who was originally planned as one of the spoilers in Vladimir Putin’s campaign, so that it could be shown that even in Russia people opposing the war can participate in elections.

However, an unexpected turn of events have de-railed the Kremlin’s plans.

Although Nadezhin’s approach, his program to end the war in Ukraine, did not differ much from that of Vladimir Putin, not long ago Nadezhin said that it would be easier for him to negotiate an end to the war with Donald Trump than with Joseph Biden, and with Alexei Arestovich than with Vladimir Zelensky.

Nadezhin did not even mention the possibility of withdrawing the Russian occupying forces from the territories annexed by the Kremlin during the period from 2014 to 2022.

When asked what to do with NATO, I say: in half a century, the united European army should be led by Russian generals. If Germans, French, Italians aren’t afraid that we’ll conquer them, then Russia’s most logical place in a united Europe is similar to where the USA stands now. It’s clear that the capital of a united Europe should move from Brussels somewhere to Warsaw. Or maybe to Kaliningrad, I don’t know. But it’s certain that Russia will play a leading role in Europe. Not because we’ll conquer it, but because it will be beneficial for everyone.

Boris Nadezhdin

Essentially, this is the program that could perfectly suit Putin himself, who primarily strives to secure the annexed Ukrainian territories for Russia and claims that negotiations with Kyiv should include the so-called recognition of territorial realities, that is, the recognition of the fact that the annexation of Ukrainian territories should be acknowledged by Ukraine itself and by the civilised world.

But for many Russians, the mere call for an end to military actions, that is, the series of crimes committed by the Russian state and the Armed Forces of this country on the territory of Ukraine, was sufficient to sign in support of Boris Nadezhin and perceive him as an anti-war candidate.

This led to the absolutely amazing phenomenon of legal voting against Vladimir Putin and against the war unleashed by his regime.

Moreover, queues in support of Boris Nadezhin were even seen by viewers of state Russian television channels.

Probably from this moment, the Kremlin understood that the situation was developing in an unpredictable direction and if Nadezhin is indeed allowed to participate in the elections, then with such enthusiasm of Russian citizens advocating for the cessation of military actions, he may garner far more votes than envisaged by the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

And it will be necessary to acknowledge the fact that Vladimir Putin’s program – a program of killing and death – is supported by far fewer people than the Kremlin wants to demonstrate.

With a large number of votes that an alternative candidate in the Russian presidential elections could receive, not as a spoiler, but a real alternative candidate, it would be more difficult to falsify the results that the President of the Russian Federation would like to see as a result of the presidential elections.

And this poses additional difficulties for the main person responsible for falsifying these elections – Ella Pamfilova, -and for the deputy head of the administration of the President of Russia, Sergei Kirienko, whose advisor, by the way, in the past was Boris Nadezhin himself.

The Kremlin made the only possible decision in such a situation – simply not to allow Boris Nadezhin to participate in the Russian presidential elections.

Not to allow a situation where there could be any alternative for Vladimir Putin.

Pseudo-elections returned to their original plan of a plebiscite, which should approve the dictator’s stay at the helm of the Russian Federation for the next term.

It should be noted that these terms no longer have any significance whatsoever.

At the beginning of his rule, Putin tried to adhere to some constitutional norms, even formally, and rotated the presidential chair with his closest associate, Dmitry Medvedev, who today holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, and who voices the most dangerous plans of Putin to the world.

In the current situation, Putin doesn’t care about the Constitution or the mood in the Russian society. He relies primarily on his power vertical, ready to drown in blood any potential opposition to the regime.

To do everything possible to ensure that Putin remains the President of Russia until the end of his life.

The limitation of Vladimir Putin’s constitutional powers to 2036 is not such a restriction. It would be easy for the Russian president to modify the Russian Constitution in 2036.

It is clear that in reality, Putin intends to be the lifelong President of the Russian Federation, ruling the country for as long as his health allows.

And in this situation, even more dangerous is the fact that Putin is just a representative of the power vertical formed by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

In Russia, there is a regime of Chekists that is not going to voluntarily give up control of the country in the foreseeable or even in distant future.

Only the collapse of today’s Russian statehood, for which objective prerequisites have not yet arisen, can stop both the existence of this regime and the aggressive wars that are already ongoing and planned for the next difficult decades.

And of course, not even Boris Nadezhin with his very weak attempt to declare that the war should be stopped, should hinder the Russian Chekists from fighting, killing, robbing, and raping.

They have many grand plans yet to be introduced.

If Putin and his associates remain in power for the next difficult years for the whole world and for Russia itself, there will be more wars, conflicts, trials, destruction, and many more tragedies.

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