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Charles Michel accuses Russia of attempting “cultural genocide” in Ukraine

by EUToday Correspondents
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Speaking at the United Nations Security Council debate on Ukraine this week, President Michel accused Russia of attempting “cultural genocide” in Ukraine. He also reiterated that the European Union stands firmly with Ukraine to defend itself.

“Ukraine is a crime scene. The perpetrator is sitting in this very room. You know who you are.

The Kremlin dreams of restoring the old Russian empire. After Ukraine, who will be next? Who will be next to satisfy Putin’s fantasy of the past? And if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, what other countries would be tempted to copy its actions?

“At this crime scene, we also have the victim, the attacked. Ukraine and all Ukrainians, fighting a battle they did not start, defending their country against a war they did not want and protecting their children against suffering nobody deserves. Trying to save them from another horror of this war – their forced abduction to Russia.  So-called ‘adoptions’. In reality, these are deportations of children.

“I ask you all, including the Russian representatives: could you bear having your child stolen and deported? Your child forced to forget your family, your language, your land? So-called ‘re-education’.  In fact, this is an attempt at cultural genocide.”

President Michel stated that, as long as innocent people are attacked, the EU will stand by the Ukrainians, who are defending their children and families, their future and freedom.

In his statement, President Michel also called Security Council members to protect peace and security for all people, regardless of their country or continent.

He specifically asked China to join forces to persuade Russia to “end this criminal war that is hurting so many.”

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EUToday Correspondents September 22, 2023 - 9:56 am

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