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Curb the Attack! Study by Promote Ukraine assesses likelihood of conflict with Russia

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What does the increase in Russian troops on the Ukrainian border indicate? What will war look like if it happens? What is behind the Polish border crisis and how ready is the West to help Ukraine? Can the EU support Ukraine in the face of an escalating energy crisis?

The “Brussels Ukraine Review” journal asks these very difficult questions of MEPs, politicians of Ukraine and Belarus, as well as Western and Ukrainian experts in its special edition ‘Curb The Attack!’

The special edition features contributions from such as Roman Suschenko – journalist, artist and former political prisoner – Mikhail Samus, Director of the New Geopolitics Research Network, and other experts.

‘Curb the Attack!’, also features an interview with former Head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General Mykola Malomuzha former adviser to the President of Ukraine (2010–2014)

The Kremlin has chosen a new strategic position: today, it is a powerful global player. According to it, Russia has the right to control certain territories – Ukraine, Belarus and the former CIS countries, as well as the Middle East, such as Syria and Iraq.

General Mykola Malomuzh​.

The publication explores the possibility of conflict, the form any such conflict might take, and questions the motives of Vladimir Putin, carrying a strong warning to Western Europe.

“While we do not know how the current tensions will end, we do know that Russia has used military build-up as a tool to exert pressure on Ukraine and on Europe in the past. And it is likely that Russia will try to use the build-up and the fear as a bargaining chip to advance its geopolitical and economic interests again,” Lithuanian MEP Rasa Juknevičienė is quoted as saying.

“The gathering of Russian troops on the borders with Ukraine is not training. In the case of standard military exercises, certain rules and procedures apply, such as informing partners well in advance. It did not happen in this case. If Russia uses force against Ukraine, the EU and NATO would need to answer quickly and consequently. We cannot become a puppet in the hands of Putin,” warns Polish MEP Robert Biedroń.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of tanks, airplanes, and hundreds of thousands of Russian troops massing at the border with Ukraine… Europe needs to wake up and listen to the sounds coming from our eastern border. Those are the sounds that could soon be rolling across the Dnipro river.

Marta Barandiy, Editor-in-chief, Brussels Ukraine Review.

At the time of writing it is reported that the US government has entered into dialogue with the Kremlin over the latter’s demands that NATO give undertakings to exclude the possibility of Ukraine and Georgia joining the alliance. Read more.

Moscow is also insisting that NATO cease military activity in the post-Soviet sphere, including in those states that are members of the EU and/or NATO.

Both demands are highly unlikely to be met.

The Brussels Ukraine Review is published by Brussels-based Promote Ukraine.

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