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Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen: “Hamas & its funding sources in Europe & the world must be eliminated”

by EUToday Correspondents
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Eli Cohen
Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and Netherlands Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot met on Sunday evening (Nov 19th) with family members of the abductees at the MFA in Jerusalem.

In his conversation with FM Bruins Slot, FM Cohen emphasised that the Hamas organisation and its funding sources in Europe and the world must be eliminated.

He asked the Dutch FM to act against the organisation and its affiliates in the Netherlands as well.

Eli Cohen clarified that Israel will continue fighting in accordance with the international laws of war until its goals are achieved and the abductees are returned.

He thanked FM Bruins Slot for her support and expression of solidarity with Israel and emphasised that Israel acts according to international law but will not compromise on ensuring the safety of Israeli citizens.

He also requested that the Dutch FM apply pressure on international institutions and call for the immediate release of all the abductees held in Gaza.

Eli Cohen: said  “I call on the Netherlands to act decisively against the Hamas terrorist organisation and its affiliates.

“Today it is us, and tomorrow it is the entire West. We must continue to attack Hamas in Gaza and at the same time attack its sources of funding in Europe and the world.

“Since the massacre of October 7th, many people in the world now understand what Israel is facing: a murderous terrorist organisation, worse than ISIS, which does not hesitate to murder and kidnap babies, children, women and the elderly.

“I thanked my counterpart, the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, for coming to Israel in support of Israel.

“I emphasised that Israel acts according to the international laws of war, as opposed to the Hanas terrorist organisation, which, as Europe itself has made clear, uses hospitals and civilians as human shields.

“We heard the moving stories of the family members of Ofir Engel who was kidnapped to Gaza, Osnat Meiri, Keren’s cousin and Ruthi’s niece, both of whom were kidnapped to Gaza, and Shahar Mor, whose uncles were kidnapped and have been held captive by Hamas for 45 days.

“The continuation of the intense global activity of the MFA provides the State of Israel and the IDF the window of international legitimacy to act against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.”

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Main Image: By Ofir Abe (אופיר אייבי), CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=84590869



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