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European Parliament: Ukraine top of agenda again in coming week

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European Parliament lawmakers will also next week debate a resolution which takes stock of Moldova’s path to the EU.

The country was granted EU candidate status, together with Ukraine, in June 2022. Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has been struggling with the consequences of the war, facing an increasing number of challenges such as rising inflation, airspace violations and staged protests.

The ECR group says that in recent months, “Russian attempts to destabilise Moldova through hybrid actions have been increasing.”

President Maia Sandu

It says, “In a statement on 13 February, Moldovan President Maia Sandu warned of Russia’s plans to overthrow the government and put a halt to any plans for the country to join the European Union.”

The ECR goes on, “Since the last resolution on Moldova which the European Parliament adopted in the April Strasbourg plenary session, a pro-Russian political party named “Shor Party” has been banned in the country and the Moldovan government has expelled 45 Russian diplomats and embassy staff due to years of “hostile actions” by Moscow.”

The ECR Group said it “remains unwavering in its support for the people of Moldova and the pro-Western government.”

It adds, “In addition, the ECR advocates for granting the largest possible support to the small country while trying to keep it out of the Russian sphere of influence.”

Meanwhile, the EPP Group says it wants the newly-proposed Ukraine Facility, worth €50 billion in grants and loans, approved and in place by 1st January 2024.

Parliament’s joint Foreign Affairs and Budgets Committees will adopt their position on the proposal on Thursday.

The Ukraine Facility combines the processes of reconstruction and EU accession.

The EPP says it sees it “as a joint task of Ukraine and the EU to achieve these goals in an unprecedented effort that counters Russia’s aggression.”

“We urge Member States to ensure the successful revision of the EU’s long-term budget on time so that the Ukraine Facility can be integrated into the budgetary update and enter into force. Additionally, we want to improve the connection between the rule of law and Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts”, says Petri Sarvamaa MEP.

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