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Former Russian CEO Dmitry Konov speaks about life after sanctions

by Alan Reid
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A number of Russian top managers who always used to be short of time because of meetings and business trips now feel lost, as they don’t know what to do with their time.

Because of personal sanctions imposed by the EU, they have had to step down from their CEO positions and seem to be living a quiet family life, according to MoskvitchMag, popular Moscow lifestyle publication. 

These Russian top managers were dedicated to their work – they did a job they liked and were successful at.

Then suddenly they were stripped of this opportunity and had to reinvent their lives, explains Dmitry Konov, who stepped down as CEO of Sibur, Russia’s largest petrochemical producer, a year ago in order to reduce risks for the company.

Dmitry Konov, former CEO of Sibur.

Mr Konov now spends time working on educational and charity initiatives, such as the Formula of Good Deeds project, launched in 2016 at his initiative to boost social projects in Russian regions. He plays basketball in Moscow and helps to promote the game in smaller cities. Mr Konov now has time to drive his son to school himself and recently took him to an entertainment centre. He reads more books on history and diplomacy and goes to the theatre.

Mr Konov recalls meeting another “fallen” CEO, Tigran Khudaverdyan from the Russian technology firm Yandex, while relaxing with his family at a resort.

Another sanctioned CEO, Vladimir Rashevsky, from the fertilizer maker Eurochem, used to be his friend. The two would dine together and discuss shared business interests such as climate strategy. During his years at Sibur, Mr Konov promoted sustainable development and polymer recycling.

Because of sanctions, these former CEOs are no longer involved in business and have fewer issues to discuss. They have more time for family and friends but greatly miss their work and packed schedules. If he is able to appeal the sanctions one day, Mr Konov would like to return to what he loves do

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