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‘In search of wide open spaces: Six years in the French Foreign Legion,’ by Giorgio Pozzoli

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A unique, unconventional and compelling true story, written by former Legionnaire Giorgio Pozzoli.

There’s a certain mystique associated with the French Foreign Legion. Most of us have seen the romantic stories as portrayed in Hollywood movies about passionate young men who run away to join the Legion—men who fight heroically, putting their lives at risk for causes not their own.

In reality, there’s a lot of truth behind the legends. And in fact, since 1831, when the Legion was first formed by King Louis-Philippe, more than 35,000 legionnaires have died in battle.

For anyone curious to find out more about the Legion, author Giorgio Pozzoli has just published the English version of his new book, In search of wide open spaces: Six years in the French Foreign Legion. Available for immediate download on Amazon Kindle, the book is a true account of how the author travelled to France to join the Legion and became involved in conflicts around the world, from Europe to the Comoros Archipelago, and Iraq to Djibouti and Somalia.

Explaining that he joined at the age of 21 and remained a Legionnaire for six years, Pozzoli says his experiences were so profound that he felt the need to share them with others.

“The book tells what I saw and lived during those six years,” he says. “The Legion is so very different to other armies and institutions in the world. It has its own rules and characteristics, made all the more intriguing by the fact that I was fighting alongside foreigners from all over the world. These young men all have their own different and personal motivations to join such a rough and merciless army with an iron discipline.

“I found myself living unique experiences, abandoning my own culture of origin to adopt a new point of view with new values and principles. It was an experience that gave me incredible insight into the human soul.”

Described as a ‘frank and authentic’ biography, the story is told with startling directness with no attempt to romanticise the realities of life as a Legionnaire.

For more information, or to download the eBook, visit Amazon.

About the Author:

A former Legionnaire enrolled as a young man, Giorgio Pozzoli experienced six years in the French Foreign Legion. After the Legion, and after different struggles, he became an airline pilot, and currently flies commercial airplanes around the world.

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