Babi Yar Massacre Remembered In The European Parliament
June 22nd, 2017. \\ Human Rights. \\ Tags: Ukraine.

During 29-30 September 1941 some 34,000 people, mostly Jews, were murdered by German Troops at Babi War, Kyiv, Ukraine, one of the many individual atrocities of the Holocaust.

To this day, no definitive memorial stands at the site.

On June 20th, The European Parliament hosted a debate on the matter and heard of plans being formulated for the construction of an appropriate monument to these innocents.

After the discussion, in the presence of His Excellency Mykola Tochytski, Head of Mission of Ukraine to the EU, an exhibition explaining the facts of the atrocity was formally opened in the Parliament.

Prominent German parliamentarian Rebecca Harms explains the importance of understanding what happened, of acknowledging German guilt, and remembering the individuals who died.

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