Boris Johnson promises financial boost for Scottish farmers after Brexit

Farmers in Scotland will receive a £211.4 million boost, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday (September 6th).

Making the announcement ahead of visiting a farm in Aberdeenshire, Boris Johnson set out how Scottish farmers will receive an extra £51.4 million over the next two years, in addition to the £160 million allocated in the Spending Round on Wednesday.

The £51.4 million pot of new money comes as the Lord Bew Review of farm funding is published today. The Prime Minister confirmed that the UK Government will accept the funding recommendations of this review, making sure farm funding is fairly allocated across the country within the Government’s funding commitment and that the industry is ready for a prosperous future outside of the EU.

To implement Lord Bew’s recommendations, while making sure farmers in England and Northern Ireland are not penalised and their funding allocations are unchanged, the UK Government will commit over £56 million of new money, including over £5 million for farmers in Wales.

The announcement was in addition to the one-off £160 million payment announced in the Spending Round. Delivering on one of the PM’s leadership pledges for Scottish farmers, this will end the longstanding dispute over EU ‘convergence’ funding. Scottish farmers have consistently argued this should have been allocated to them in 2014, rather than distributed across the UK.

For too long, Scottish farmers have been given a poor deal by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which is why we are taking this opportunity to change things for the better. I made a pledge to resolve the historic funding gap for Scottish farmers and delivering on this promise has been a priority since I became Prime Minister... Today’s announcement was the first step in making sure future funding is fairly allocated across the UK, taking into account the unique farming environments in Scotland. Once we are out of the EU, we will have a historic opportunity to introduce new schemes to support farmers – and we will make sure that Scottish farmers get a fairer deal.

Boris Johnson

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