Brussels conference debates how tech can transform education and leadership

A major conference on the future of education and leadership drew experts and leading analysts to Brussels from across the world.

The day-long event Cultivating Changemakers was organised in the European Parliament by Amjad Bashir MEP and the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR), in conjunction with the African Leadership Academy.

Some 15 leading speakers from six continents tackled a range of subjects including how education and training can maximise the benefits of advancing technology, and now public policy can promote change.

Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and The Humber and Conservative spokesman on small  business, said: "We organised this conference because in a rapidly changing world, it is vital that education keeps abreast of looming challenges and growing opportunities.

"Politicians and policy-makers must not  be caught out by the pace of change, especially in developing countries.  The very nature of education is in flux, the ground is moving under our feet, and we must plan to lead the way with change, not be be left behind."

Syed Kamall, joint leader of the ECR and Conservative MEP for London, was among those present.

He commented:"Some of the world’s most prominent leaders on innovation in education are here today. We are all here for one important reason: to discuss how state education policies and non-state education providers can help lift societies out of poverty through emphasising entrepreneurial and leadership skills for the poor."

Encapsulating the potential of new technology, he said: "Teacher and pupil no longer have to be in the same classroom, the same school, the same village or even the same country or continent or time zone.”  

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