EU to invest in increased capacity for Dresden tram network

The EU is investing €102.8 million from the European Regional Development Fund to buy 30 new tram vehicles for the city of Dresden, Saxony, by December 2021. This project will increase the capacity of the network and make it accessible to people with disabilities. 

Dresden's current population of 550,000 is expected to reach almost 600,000 by 2040 and the tramways are already working at full capacity during peak hours. 

The EU-funded project will therefore help meet the inhabitants' needs for a reliable and efficient urban transport system. Commissioner Budget and Human Resources Günther H. Oettinger said: “The inhabitants of Dresden will soon enjoy better tram services in their city and, ultimately, better air quality, with this clean transport system.” 

In 2016, Dresden's trams were used for some 157.1 million journeys, up 18.6 million from 2005. This figure is expected to rise by a further 19.5 million by 2023.

Image: Aktron / Wikimedia Commons

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