Russian IT specialist ​Alexander Vinnik, accused of Bitcoin laundering & extortion.

Russian IT specialist Alexander Vinnik was detained while holidaying in Greece on July 25th, 2017, at the request of the United States, where he stands accused of laundering $4-9 billion. On January 23rd, he was extradited to France, which accuses him of stealing personal data and extortion.

Vinnik’s extradition is also being sought by Russia. The Russian dismissed all the charges brought against him and expressed readiness to return home.

His defence team filed a cassation appeal against the ruling of a Paris court of appeal to leave him in custody, lawyer Timofei Musatov told TASS on Monday.

"We have lodged a cassation appeal," Musatov said, answering a question about the steps taken by the Russian national’s attorneys. "Vinnik is still isolated, access to him is hindered both for consulate staff and the lawyers."

On January 28th, a Paris court ruled to keep Vinnik in custody. The five-hour court session was held behind closed doors and, according to the defence team, with numerous violations of law. Neither the lawyers or Vinnik himself were allowed to speak during these hearings. On February 17th Paris court subsequently confirmed the ruling to keep him behind bars.

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