UK businesses show strong support for EU-UK trade deal. Brussels "pessimistic".

With Brexit trade talks set to re-commence on Monday, more than three-quarters of businesses (77%) said they wanted a deal to be agreed, according to a survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Only 4% of businesses said they preferred a no-deal outcome.

Support for a deal rises to 86% among logistics companies, and 83% among manufacturers.

Brussels remains pessimistic, however, as Boris Johnson is showing no desire to compromise over sticking points such as fisheries and state aid rules. EU leaders, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron, have painted themselves into a corner on the fisheries issue by making promises to their fishermen of continued access to UK waters.

"Next week Brexit talks enter the 11th hour," said Dame Carolyn Faibairn, head of the CBI. "Now must be the time for political leadership and the spirit of compromise to shine through on both sides. A deal can and must be made.

"Businesses face a hat-trick of unprecedented challenges - rebuilding from the first wave of Covid-19, dealing with the resurgence of the virus and preparing for significant changes to the UK's trading relationship with the EU."

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