EU youth employment and up-skilling is essential to transform Europe

The European Commission has published a communication to update the EU skills agenda and issued a draft Council recommendation on vocational education and training, paving the way for discussions between EU Member States and Social Partners towards a 2030 European policy framework on vocational training. It also published measures to further support youth employment.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer said: “We’re in the midst of industrial change and matching the changing jobs and skills needs will be decisive to stay competitive at EU and global level.

"The renewed EU skills agenda rightly focusses on up-skilling and re-skilling the workforce, it can help improving our creativity, innovation and competitiveness. Well-designed incentives are important to make progress by encouraging more employers to train their workforce, and more workers to participate in training activities.

"Europe must invest in people and modernise its education and training systems to achieve a better match between learning outcomes and labour market needs. There is a way to make this a win-win situation for workers and employers. This would reinforce the European social model and social partnership in Europe.

"The Covid-19 crisis clearly shows that a focus on e-learning is necessary, as in-person training is limited due to social distancing. And we should give all support to young people now entering the labour market, and help those without employment, education or training - NEETs.

"Europe should also become more strategic to support individual sectors coming up with their own approach to improve training provision for a successful economic transformation of sectors throughout the economy.

"The proposed Pact for Skills can be helpful. An effective partnership between social partners and public authorities at all levels is essential, leaving room for industry-led solutions. BusinessEurope is willing to help the Commission to achieve this.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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