Ireland's Post-Brexit diversification produces Jobs & investments in the USA

Ireland is the ninth largest source of foreign direct investment into the United States at $235.7 billion, with around 110,000 people employed by Irish companies in the US.

Ireland's Ambassador to the United States hosting a business roundtable in Washington D.C. with leading Irish companies including the Kerry Group will today announce a new $125m investment in a food plant in the southern state of Georgia.

Ireland has a mutually-beneficial partnership with the United States anchored by significant two-way flows of trade and investment. This partnership pays dividends in terms of jobs, investment and economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic. I am pleased to celebrate this exceptional partnership alongside Ambassador Crawford. I look forward to participating in the roundtable with the leaders of global brands that originate in Ireland and add value all over the world, not least here in the United States.

Ambassador Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to the United States

Commenting on the strong performance of Irish businesses in the U.S., Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland noted, "Innovation and entrepreneurship are inherent to Irish business and that's evident in both the executive group we have gathered at this roundtable today and in the caliber of Irish businesses operating throughout the United States. I am very pleased to see the impact of Irish innovation and entrepreneurship here in the United States. I have strong confidence that US-Irish business partnerships will further strengthen in the years ahead."

The state owned Enterprise Ireland is one of Europe's leading venture capitalists: the agency is ranked first in Europe and second globally for its seed investments. Enterprise Ireland operates from New York, Boston, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. In addition to funding support, Enterprise Ireland also provides services including export assistance, assistance with research and development as well as a broad network of key global industry-specific contacts.

Enterprise Ireland-supported companies opened 75 new offices in the US in 2019, resulting in a two-year total of 125 new offices. More than 87,000 people are employed by 613 Enterprise Ireland supported companies operating across all 50 states at 954 locations. Today, 900 Irish-owned companies operate across all 50 states. The companies cross a broad range of industries including construction, education, energy, environmental, medical devices and software.

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