Learn about the digital careers that will be in greatest demand in 2021

Deciding on a career is difficult. They depend on many factors in addition to skills, such as the ability to find work. That is why it is very important to select those that have a future, to avoid being unemployed. There are seven promising professions for 2021, according to some studies.

As is known, the current economic boom is largely based on everything that has to do with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). When I did my thesis, ICTs were not known and many people drove me crazy. Now today’s fact proves me right. Many companies are born with ICT-related functions in their DNA. It is convenient to know the required professional profile, since it can serve to specialize you if you are studying or about to finish your degree or as a basis for choosing it, so that you have the knowledge and skills required in the demanding work environment, which requires having business competence digital, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and Big Data. By their level of importance they are:

1. Digital Director (Chief Digital Officer or CDO) He specializes in digital models and has studies in the technological field, creates new business opportunities, income traffic and offers services to clients through digital technologies. His main task will be to digitize any business unit, and he will be the head of the digital area and e-commerce.

2. Artificial Intelligence Specialist In charge of designing artificial pieces or objects that independently solve problematic situations in the environment. Must be skilled at problem solving and analysis.

3. Big Data Specialist or Data Scientist He organizes and transforms all the data that a company has into knowledge. He also manages and analyzes vast amounts of data to draw conclusions and make projections and predictions of behavior based on that data. Knowledge of .NET for cloud-native development is one of the many things that must be mastered.

4. IT Director He checks that the IT department of a company works correctly and without incidents. His main objectives are to supervise the technical projects related to the so-called ‘IT infrastructure’ and verify that they meet the organization’s objectives and recover and protect technological systems and processes. He also prepares financial budgets and proposes capital projects to senior executives.

5. Customer Success Manager He maintains an attentive and continuous relationship with his customers and solves the incidents they have had with their product or service. He is the person in charge of executing a strategy, whose purpose is to exceed the expectations that the client has regarding what the company offers him to be able to retain that person, boost sales, generate new opportunities and guarantee the achievement of economic objectives.

6. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) He protects all the information that an organization has from possible cyber attacks. He is also responsible for generating security protocols, working on data privacy and supervising the implementation of security standards and the team's responses to possible setbacks.

7. Responsible for electronic commerce (e-commerce manager) He manages, supervises and coordinates all aspects related to the e-commerce platform of a company. Electronic commerce is growing at a dizzying rate and the development of this sector generates a proportional demand for specialized and experienced professionals in this discipline who guarantee the competence of any electronic commerce platform and its success over time.

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