EUToday poll: 52.4% believe EU-UK post-Brexit trade deal will not happen

In a recent EUToday poll, 52.4% of respondents stated that they do not believe that a post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal will happen.

A further 23.8% have "simply stopped caring".

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Brexit fatigue also appears to have set in within the EU institutions themselves: senior MEP Bernd Lange, speaking recently at an event organised by the Lower Saxony State Representation, said “I am on the verge of losing my patience and rejecting the project, because it really can no longer comply with democratic principles."

His pessimism was echoed by fellow parliamentarian David McAllister, the chair of the European Parliament’s U.K. Coordination Group, who said at the same event “Yesterday I would have said I am cautiously optimistic. However, today we heard from Michel Barnier that there was no movement from the United Kingdom, and of course we are now under great time pressure."

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Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright

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