Postpone new rules for farmers during coronavirus pandemic, say MEPs.

The European Peoples Party (EPP), the largest political group in the European Parliament, with 187 MEPs from every member state, hs called for another postponement of the planned European "Farm to Fork” Strategy "until at least after the summer".

The strategy would impose new rules and restrictions on farmers across Europe, who are currently coping with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and have to ensure food production in Europe at the same time.

The MEPs argue that this is not the right moment to impose additional rules on farmers who are facing the biggest crisis that the agricultural sector has seen in decades. European farmers are confronted with new and unforeseen challenges and find themselves in situations of great difficulty.

The entire agriculture sector is heavily affected by the spread of the coronavirus, but the wine sector and the fresh product sector suffer the most. I firmly believe that during the following months we need to help the agricultural sector to recover from this crisis as quickly as possible. We have to give farmers security and must not create additional uncertainties. In this crisis, we should let farmers produce the food we need in a serein atmosphere. We should postpone the “Farm to Fork” Strategy until at least after the summer. Now, it is essential to use our energy to find adequate measures to help our farmers and to re-establish good working and market conditions for them.

Herbert Dorfmann MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Development

Initially, the “Farm to Fork” Strategy was to be announced in March. However, the European Commission revised its calendar and postponed the strategy to April. The EPP Group wants this to be further postponed.

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