Questionably corrupt King Carlos concedes crown: quits country

Spain's former monarch Juan Carlos, currently under investigation for corruption, has said he is quitting the country in a letter to his son, King Felipe VI.

Newspaper reports claimed Carlos, 82, received € millions from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah, some of which he then allegedly transferred to a bank account under his former mistress's name.

"Guided by the conviction of wanting the best for the Spanish, their institutions and you as King, I am informing you of my considered decision to move, at this time, outside of Spain," he said in a letter posted to the Spanish royal family's website.

He said he wanted to ensure he doesn't make his son's role difficult, adding that "my legacy, and my own dignity, demand that it should be so."

It is unclear when he will leave Spain or where he will go.

King Felipe VI said he will renounce his inheritance in response to the largest corruption scandal implicating the Spanish royal family since the county’s transition to democracy at the end of the 1970’s. But some say the announcement is meaningless as the law won’t let him do that.

Spain's prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, recently said he found developments related to the scandals "disturbing".

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