Reviving Libya’s Economy

In an interview with the French newspaper "Le Figaro", the Vice President of Libya’s Presidency Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, discussed several important questions and topics related to the future of Libya in many fields.

Ahmed Maiteeq spoke in his dialogue about the oil agreement signed last October regarding the reopening of oil fields in areas under the control of the Libyan National Army, where Maiteeq expressed his hope and confidence in the continuation of this agreement, which will enable Libyans to benefit in a fair way from oil revenues.

Ahmed Maiteeq believes that the exit from the current crisis will not take place without the agreement of the two parties to the conflict and with a Libyan-Libyan dialogue, not in Morocco, or in Tunisia, or elsewhere ... and the Vice President of the Presidency Council did not hide his aspiration for the elections to be held at the end of next year.

Maiteeq also discussed several questions related to Fayez al-Sarraj's retraction of his resignation decision, as well as Stephanie Williams’ statements. Ahmed Maiteq stressed once again the necessity of all mercenaries and foreign forces leaving the country, in order to give the Libyan people the right to choose their own fate and destiny.

In the end, Maiteeq stated the need to continue walking on the path that was paved in the fall of this year, and the need for dialogue and coordination with Khalifa Haftar and ensuring Libyan national security, to continue achieving positive goals that will revive the country's economy and bring it out of the current crisis.

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