Trudeau optimistic about future Canada-UK trade deal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is positive about rolling over the current terms of the trade deal Canada has with the EU to ensure the UK continues to benefit after the transition period.

Under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada, 95% of the imports covered are tariff and quota-free.

Trudeau said: “There have been many discussions over the past years between myself and Prime Minister Johnson and his predecessor on that seamless transition, on a rollover of the CETA between Canada and the EU, to be the basis for a Canada-UK free trade agreement that would allow certainty for Canadian and British companies going into the future.

“I think you’ve heard that there are significant complexities that the UK is grappling with in terms of negotiating the post Brexit agreement with the EU. I can highlight that it’s fairly straight forward with Canada and we are certainly very optimistic in the ability to see things roll over smoothly.”

UK exports to Canada, its eighth largest non-EU trading partner, totalled £5.2 billion in 2019.

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