UK cuts foreign aid spending amid criticism of donations to wealthiest nations

The UK has fractionally reduced its foreign aid spending commitment to 0.5% of gross domestic product causing an immediate outcry from international development organisations and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the head of the Church of England, which is one of the wealthiest landowners in Britain, and which also benefits from taxpayer funding.

“The cut in the aid budget - made worse by no set date for restoration - is shameful and wrong,” Welby said on Twitter.

The news will be welcomed however by UK taxpayers who are increasingly exasperated by revelations such as that widely reported in the UK press that they are giving up to £71 million per annum to Beijing, for example, in order to help the Chinese grow rice, while increasing numbers of UK citizens are losing their jobs and becoming homeless.

It is estimated that as many as 7,000 British military veterans are sleeping rough on any given night. China's wealth, in the meantime, continues to grow.

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