Cargo plane showers "red hot" metal parts on Belgian village in Limburg

"Red hot" shards of metal from a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane which had left Maastricht airport for New York showered down on the Limburg village of Meerssen just after 4pm on Saturday.

Cars and homes were damaged and one woman and a child were slightly injured.

Eyewitness say they heard loud bangs and saw flames coming out of one of the plane’s left motors before running for cover as the metal parts showered the village. Several cars and roofs were damaged by the metal.

The plane made an emergency landing at Luik in Belgium. Airport police and the Dutch safety board OVV have now opened an investigation in an effort to establish what happened.

A spokesman for the Bermuda-based airline, Longtail Aviation, said it would be speculation to try and guess what had caused the motor to catch fire and shed pieces of metal. "Our full attention is which those who were involved in the incident," an airport spokesman said on Sunday. "We are trying to contact the woman and the parents of the boy who were injured."

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