Deadline for "missing Brits" to get Dutch residency documents just 8 weeks away

There are still 3,550 British people in the Netherlands who have not registered for their residency documents, according to the Dutch immigration service.

As a result of Brexit, by the end of June – in eight weeks – all British nationals in the Netherlands need to have applied for Dutch documentation in order to continue living in the country. Last year, the IND wrote to around 40,000 British nationals asking them to apply for a residency permit or exchange their old documentation for the new pass.

The British embassy has estimated that around 45,000 British nationals live in the Netherlands. However, according to national statistics agency CBS, the Netherlands is currently home to 95,174 people with British nationality, of whom 54,666 are first generation migrants. Many have taken Dutch nationality and do not need a residence permit, but there may be more people living under the radar or unregistered.

In another complication, some 11,000 British nationals who have applied for the ‘permanent residence document’ under Britain’s withdrawal agreement from the EU, have been told they need to send in new photographs.

The IND Dutch immigration office told that it appears that when the Brits went to an office to have a photograph and their fingerprints taken, some of the cameras were faulty. ‘The photos are of lower quality and do not comply with strict European norms,’ a spokeswoman told ‘One of the problems was lighting that was too strong. Day-to-day this won’t cause problems for clients but we want them to comply with the strict European norms. This is why the IND wants to change the passes.’

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