European Commission recommends suspension of all nonessential travel from US

The European Union has recommended that all nonessential travel from the United States be suspended.

The EU removed the U.S. from its COVID-19 “safe list.” To be on the list, a country must have no more than 75 infections per 100,000 per day over the last two weeks. Over the last week, the U.S. infection rate has risen to 333 per 100,000, according to Reuters.

The removal means that nonessential travel is prohibited and those who can travel may be subject to quarantine and required to provide proof of vaccination.

EU member nations are not obligated to follow the recommendations, although the EU generally sets the pattern that its member nations follow.

The EU put the U.S. on the safe list in June. Officials claimed that the Biden administration told them the U.S. would reciprocate. To date, though, the administration has maintained a ban on all nonessential travel from Europe.

Frustration among European officials has seemingly boiled over. The EU wouldn’t allow a U.S. travel ban to “drag on for weeks,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in early August.

Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are other nations the EU may remove from the safe list.

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