More and more take the plunge and purchase a property in the pandemic

Have you ever thought about buying a second home in Belgium? If so, you would join a growing group of people who are considering such a move, not least with the health pandemic showing no signs of abating.

Many, it seems, have decided the best solution to the (effective) ongoing overseas travel ban is to invest their savings/income in a holiday home in Belgium.

That way you can at least be sure of a holiday (possibly several times a year) plus investing in “bricks and mortar” is, after all, never a bad idea.

One place where you could make such a financial plunge is a holiday estate on the shores of what is said to be the most beautiful lake in Belgium, the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, about 25km south of Charleroi.

It’s a holiday park where people go to get away for short stays with their family or friends.

But it also offers the chance to purchase a second home and at a very reasonable price (from as little as 180,000 euros).

The Lamy Group, a long established family firm based near Liege, is responsible for the constructions and development of this popular estate. It sits on the banks of Lac de la Plate Taille, which boasts a depth of 52m and covers some 352 hectares. The “coastline” here, just 20 minutes from Charleroi airport, is actually longer than the 60k found at the Belgian coast itself.

A reflection of the emphasis on sustainability, Les Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure, an excellent gateway to the Ardennes, has been designated by the EU as a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). This is a project that promotes sustainable tourism development models across the EU.It is one of just five destinations in Wallonia and less than 100 in the whole of Europe to be given such an accolade and, according to a Walloon Government spokesman, this illustrates how the site has become a genuine “benchmark for good practice in sustainable, balanced tourism in Belgium.”

Located at the water's edge, “Golden Lakes” consists of a holiday village with 150 sumptuous villas that can accommodate from 4 to 12 people and a 4-star Best Western Plus certified hotel. All of these properties are also offered for sale as a leisure property investment which allows investors to combine pleasure and profitability.

Facing south, the villas are perfectly integrated into nature and offer an exceptional view of the beauty of the lake. The properties comply with strict building specifications and are also in with all current environmental standards, including the HQE label (of which wood is omnipresent).

For more than 40 years, the Lamy Group, whose concept is "from the builder to the investor without intermediary", has built a reputation for an economic model that combines real estate and tourism. The Group designs, builds, sells and manages more than 2,500 houses on tourist sites, second homes in both Belgium (and France) and private housing estates combining architectural originality, comfort and rental yield.

Lamy is a family business, founded back in 1983 by José Lamy. Supported by his wife Irene and his sons José and Michel, both engineers in construction, Jose developed a flourishing company, specializing in the leisure, real estate and second residence trades. Today, a third generation is at the head of the company: Jordane and Joan Lamy.

The Group oversees over 500 residential homes in Belgium, 17 apartment buildings, 4 housing estates and seven holiday villages. It has 12 subsidiaries, 150 employees and boasts an annual turnover of about €25m.

So, why consider buying a second home in Belgium in the first place? Well, becoming the owner of a second home in Belgium is a particularly smart investment that allows you to combine happiness, leisure and profitability. After all, you get free vacations and who doesn’t need those right now!

At the same time, you could benefit from rental income linked to the rental of a second home. In this sense, the purchase of a second home with Lamy Property (a subsidiary of the Lamy Group) is a doubly beneficial investment for the owner. Basically, it makes good financial sense.

There can be few locations in Belgium better for taking such a plunge than the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure situated as it is in a green and pleasant Walloon setting. It’s an oasis of calm where you can recharge your batteries in perfect harmony with nature and in comfort. It consists of some 150 villas of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. Eight new “premium” villas consisting of 4 and 5 bedrooms are under construction and are also now available for purchase.

There is also even the possibility to invest in a room at the on-site hotel which was opened about two years ago.

Whatever you may opt for, the Group also offers each owner worry-free management of their second residence.

Investing in real estate such as this is, possibly more than ever, a genuinely secure alternative to capital invested in the currently highly turbulent financial markets.

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