The Rise of the European Online Casino Market

From now until 2025, Europe’s fast-rising online gambling market is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 9.2%.

Alongside online casinos, sports betting providers are along for the ride as well. And both are seeing an increase in partnerships that are further enhancing this already rapid growth. This brings us to the first key factor in the rise of the European online casino market.

Aggressive Partnerships

By forming mutually beneficial partnership deals, big players are maximising profit margins and opportunities when it comes to expansion. UK-based sports betting giant Paddy Power Betfair PLC, for instance, is a product of apartnership between Betfair and Paddy Power PLC. And in online casinos, 888 Holdings’ gaming partnership with developer Microgaming resulted in some of the most popular and innovative digital slots on the market.

Another notable partnership to watch is lottery giant Sisal and Romanian live dealer gaming provider Ezugi. Ezugi now uses Sisal’s platform to run its new live roulette games, with plans to also launch a live version of blackjack and punto banco on the popular Italian platform.

This has increased Ezugi’s foothold in Italy’s gaming market, in which global online casino Evoplay has also taken an interest. The new partnership between Evoplay and Giochi di Slots – a prominent local slots provider – gives the former a much more aggressive presence in the area. Meanwhile, Giochi di Slots is able to tap into Evoplay’s expansive global network.

These gaming partnerships are enabling aggressive growth strategies for

both small and big players in the market.

Expansive Acquisitions

Alongside partnerships, mergers and acquisitions have been instrumental in driving this growth as well. In particular, Swedish gaming giant Evolution Gaming has recently completed several acquisitions, including the purchase of prominent global next-gen games developer NetEnt for a whopping $2.12 billion (€1.76 billion).

The company also recently spent €450 million to purchase Big Time Gaming, an online slots developer from Australia. Not surprisingly, Evolution Gaming’s first-quarter core earnings in 2021 saw a 150% growth from previous numbers, with much of the action coming from Asia and North America. Without losing sight of the European market, the company is using acquisitions to expand at a global scale. And with Evolution Gaming reportedly looking for more gaming companies to buy, the development and expansion of its acquired gaming technologies will be streamlined as well.

Regulative Actions

Europe’s many online casinos owe a lot to the regulatory bodies that have paved the way for their business models to break through the mainstream gaming markets. For instance, the European Commission has long been involved in the regulation of different forms of gaming.

Today, the organisation works with different regulatory bodies to maintain certain standards in how online casinos are run.

From ensuring the fairness of games to testing their cyber defences, a variety of regulatory bodies from the UK, Malta, and other European nations are working together to protect players and casinos alike.

This has enabled the development of next-gen titles, innovative offerings, acquisitions and expansions, and emerging technologies in Europe’s thriving online casino market.

And it is no by no means a bold statement to say that the gaming market has nowhere to go but up in the coming years.


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