UK fish export crisis hits EU supermarket shelves

Post-Brexit problems with shipping goods and produce from the UK to the continent are now affecting EU consumers. In Belgium, EUToday found bare shelves in supermarkets, with hardly a fish to be found.

The Scottish fishing industry has been particularly hard hit, dependent as it is on swift and reliable transportation to European customers. Britain's Road Haulage Association had warned repeatedly of the dangers of a last-minute trade-deal, with all the uncertainty it would bring.

The problems have led to gaps in supermarket shelves and lorries delayed at ports because of problems with red-tape and the situation is worsening. We are facing an inflexible, cumbersome and time consuming process just to move goods.

UK Road Haulage Association

Fishermen have this week threatened to dump rotten shellfish outside the British House of Commons as their deliveries continue to be blocked by post-Brexit red tape.

Jamie McMillan of Lochfyne Seafarms warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that “if Scottish exporters can’t get their product to market next week, we will be at the gates of Westminster and we’ll be dumping our shellfish on your doorstep, rotten.

“We are fighting for survival here, get it sorted and get it sorted now.”

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