Comprehensive picture of Europe’s video games sector published

A comprehensive picture of Europe’s video games sector has been published. It was compiled with data provided by Ipsos, GSD and EGDF-ISFE members for the Video Games Industry Insights report.

Responding, ISFE Chair Olaf Coenen said: “Our revenue remains stable after the exceptional increase between 2019 and 2020, owing to video games’ role in helping millions of people stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Meanwhile, our player base has increased, with women and 45-65-year-olds driving this trend, demonstrating the growing popularity of video games as more people discover the power of play.”

EGDF President Hendrik Lesser said: “The video game sector includes micro studios to large multi-national corporations. In 2020, we employed more than 98,000 people in Europe. Together, we create games that more than 50% of Europeans enjoy. We make games to express ourselves as artists, for education, as businesses and to support wellbeing and health, and often to bring people together – but, most important of all, is that people enjoy them and have fun. Our players come from all ages, genders, creeds and colours. We can proudly say our industry is a great success story for Europe’s digital, cultural and creative economy.”

Key Facts 2021- highlights, Economy, demographics and behaviour.

  • Revenue remained stable at €23.3bn
  • Digital revenue represents 81% of total revenue
  • Smartphones and tablets continue to be the leading devices for digital growth
  • 52% of the population between the ages of 6 and 64 plays video games
  • The number of players has increased: 124.8m players (vs 118.3m in 2020): the increase is noted on all platforms: mobile devices, consoles and PC
  • 76% of video game players are over 18 and the average age of a video game player in Europe is 31.3 years old
  • 48% of game players in Europe are women/girls (average age, 32)
  • 48% of video game players are girls (6-15 years old).
  • On average, people in Europe spend 9 hours / week playing video games
  • 14.2 hours / week on social media
  • 23.5 hours / week watching TV
  • The sector provided more than 98,219 jobs in Europe in 2020


  • Global revenue exceeded €1 billion for the first time
  • The global esports audience stands at 489 million
  • Europe ranks 2nd, globally, in revenue per enthusiast

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