Jutta Paulus MEP: "Finally, EU leaders agree on an embargo on 90% of Russian oil imports."

Jutta Paulus MEP, energy expert of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament's Environment and Industry Committee, has commented on the oil embargo against Russian oil:

"Finally, EU leaders agree on an embargo on 90 percent of Russian oil imports and launch the sixth sanctions package. Sanctions against Russia are an important tool to cut off the purse strings to Vladimir Putin's criminal war of aggression. True energy sovereignty and affordable prices can only come with more renewables and more energy efficiency. The RePowerEU package proposed two weeks ago must be implemented purposefully and consistently and must not be slowed down by hesitant EU member states. Europe must phase out all fossil and nuclear fuels as quickly as possible."

The new sanctions apply to crude oil and petroleum products imported from Russia to the EU. The embargo covers more than two thirds of crude oil imported from Russia. A temporary exception has been made for crude oil delivered by pipeline.

The sanctions will enter into force once approved by the Council and published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Emergency measures will be introduced to ensure security of supply in case of sudden interruptions.

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