Macron announces €100 per month electric cars for low-income households from 2024

Emmanuel Macron has announced it for early 2024: the electric car at €100 per month to allow low-income households not to depend on a vehicle that pollutes too much. A Normandy-based company will succeed in this respect a few months in advance. Lormauto will renovate first-generation Twingos to make them clean and affordable cars.

Lormauto is betting on clean cars. The Norman company will renovate first-generation Twingos to transform them into electric vehicles. There will be no contribution, no condition of resources or deposit to rent one. The subscription formula can also be stopped whenever desired.

Comfortable and modern interiors

And, since the lifespan of cars is getting longer thanks to stronger materials, you might as well use the existing one rather than go and generate even more greenhouse gases, explains on Europe 1 Franck Lefevre, general manager of Lormauto , a company that transforms a car with a thermal engine into an electric one, but whose process goes far beyond that.

“We are also modifying the interiors to have interiors that correspond to the standards of comfort and aesthetics”, he underlines at the microphone of Europe 1.

“We are completely rethinking the vehicle”

“Today, we do the IT and telematics of our cars in the same way, which are extremely modern, or even the heating of the car which automatically creates a kind of thermal bubble. In short, we completely redesign the vehicle to respond to these new uses for people who need an electric car on a daily basis”.

The rent of €200 per month drops to €100 thanks to state aid. Designed for everyday use, these cars are in the final approval phase and production will start in Lisieux at the very beginning of 2023.

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