Uranium imports from Russia must be stopped immediately, says Jutta Paulus MEP

On the occasion of the extraordinary meeting of EU energy ministers on energy security in Europe and expected announcements of the European Commission on new sanctions against Russia, energy expert of the Greens in the European Parliament Jutta Paulus has demanded: "The European Union must adopt an embargo on uranium imports from Russia as soon as possible and end the closely intertwined cooperation between European and Russian companies in the nuclear sector. There will be no European energy sovereignty as long as nuclear power plants in Europe, which are dependent on Russian spare parts and Russian fuel rods remain on the grid."

"Only with a massive expansion of renewables and an immediate energy efficiency program Europe can achieve sustainable energy supply and turn off Putin's money tap. The main suppliers of uranium to Europe, besides Russia, are countries like Kazakhstan and Nigeria. Europe is also dependent on Russia for the disposal of nuclear waste. Therefore, only a Europe-wide phase-out of nuclear power can ensure European energy sovereignty.”

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