Dutch investigators arrest man on suspicion of selling computer chips that could be used in weapons to Russia

Dutch financial crime investigators have arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of selling computer chips that could be used in weapons to Russia, in violation of national sanctions law, Reuters reports.

The arrest is the first of its kind in the Netherlands since Russia's February 24th invasion of Ukraine led to European sanctions against Russia including a ban on electronics exports.

Prosecutors said in a statement they had arrested the suspect in the east of the country and seized evidence including his inventory of electronics, his bank accounts, and his administration.

"The suspicion is that the suspect delivered among other things microchips to entities and companies in Russia," the country's financial crimes investigatory agency (FIOD) said in a statement. "These microchips can be used for the production of weapons."

The suspect pretended the goods he exported were to be used elsewhere than their real destination, Russia, the statement said. The arrest was made on September 30th and the suspect remains in custody after approval of a judge, the FIOD said.

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