WWF: COP27 fails to turn promises into action despite EU U-turn on loss & damage

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) argues that ambition has not advanced since COP26 in Glasgow. It warns that the world cannot afford to have another COP like that in Sharm El-Sheikh (COP27) that fails to increase ambition, finance or credibility.

“The loss and damage deal agreed is a positive step, but it risks becoming a ‘fund for the end of the world’ if countries don’t move faster to slash emissions and limit warming to below 1.5C. By failing to agree to phase-out fossil fuels at COP27," said Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF Global Climate & Energy Lead, and COP 20 President.

He added, "leaders have failed to strengthen the signal that the fossil fuel era is coming to an end and are keeping us on course to climate catastrophe. Without rapid and deep emissions cuts we cannot limit the scale of loss and damage. The COP28 climate summit next year must be the COP of climate credibility. And countries must deliver.”

He concluded “We must not allow this to derail vital action to stop the climate crisis spiralling out of control. Every delay puts more people at risk. Every delay risks eroding trust. We must use this moment to redouble our efforts and ensure trust is restored in the collaborative multilateral approach to tackling the climate crisis. Leaders must not allow future COP presidencies to squander the opportunity to make crucial strides on cutting emissions, delivering finance and building resilience.”

Image: Tony Rakotondramanana, WWF Madagascar

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