​Commission Urged To Increase Fire Safety Requirements In Buildings
July 12th, 2017. \\ Politics.

Pressure is building from both advocacy organisation Fire Safe Europe and MEPs for the European Commission to propose fire testing of building facade materials in real life conditions (rather than laboratories).

The push is also on to implement a single system in the EU for testing the toxic smoke produced by construction products in a fire, and then label those products with their results, according to a letter sent to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

In the wake of the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy in London, in which almost 100 residents either died or are missing, and scores more injured, Fire Safe Europe said in a statement: “This tragic loss of lives could have been avoided by ensuring that the construction products do not increase the fire risk, particularly in high-rise buildings where it is difficult to escape. In this case, based on a statement released by the contractor, the Grenfell Tower seemed to respect the current regulations on fire safety, which indicates that those regulations are based on standards and testing methods that do not guarantee a sufficient level of fire safety.

To prevent a tragedy of this scale from happening again, we firmly believe that the European Institutions must take decisive and rapid action.”

MEPs in the European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection will today (July 12th) question Commission official Fulvia Raffaelli about fire safety in buildings.

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