Big Jazz From Little Belgium, 1938

Just to prove that Jazz was alive and well in Belgium well before the Second World War, a wonderful performance by Fud Candrix and his Orchestra recorded in Brussels on November 1st 1938.

His musical style, and indeed his talent, places him as a contemporary of Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. 

His audience, however, was far too small to elevate him to the same level in the public consciousness. That has all changed now, of course, and the very greatest of Jazz maestros from the USA and elsewhere queue up to play in Belgium. Little Belgium - big Jazz!

Fud was himself Belgian, born in 1908 in the town of Tongeren (where such wonderful beer also comes from to this very day - ed).

He began his long and successful career touring with his brother Jeff before founding his own group, the Carolina Stomp Chasers, in 1929. Such was the level of his musicianship that he was to work with such as the likes of the legendary Django Reinhardt.

Fud passed away in Brussels on April 11th 1974. His legacy remains.

Bass - Camille Marchand; 

Clarinet - Bobby Naret , Jo Magis; 

Drums - Armant "Art" Dralandts; 

Guitar - Gaston Backaert; 

Piano - Raymond "Coco" Colignon; 

Saxophone [Alto] - Bobby Naret , Jo Magis; 

Trombone - Nick Frérar; 

Trumpet - Georges Clais , Roger Doneux;

Vocals - Tony Young; 

Written By - R.Noble

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