Paul McCartney Returns To The Cavern

Paul McCartney delighted fans in Liverpool with a surprise intimate gig at the Cavern Club, the cellar venue where The Beatles began their meteoric rise to stardom more than half a century ago. In scenes reminiscent of the 1960s, the 76-year-old was greeted by cheering and some screaming fans as he arrived at the iconic venue by car. Many had waited for hours hoping to get a ticket after the singer announced the free gig earlier in the day on Twitter.

McCartney, whose latest album “Egypt Station” comes out in September, played a wide-ranging set list including Beatles hits “Magical Mystery Tour” and “I Saw Her Standing There”, which got the loudest cheers from the audience. 

“Hello Liverpool. Cavern,” he told fans as he came on stage. 

The Beatles first played at the Cavern - a cramped cellar bar in the northern English port city - in 1961. The band went on to become a global phenomenon before splitting up in 1970.

Surrounded by Beatles pictures and murals, McCartney, who usually plays to vast arenas, sang and chatted to the audience during the two-hour gig at the packed club, which has a capacity for 350 standing people. They sang along with him. 

“Imagine this for me,” he said. 

“All those years ago we came here and played. We didn’t know if we’d ever have any future, but we did okay.”

There have been many changes in the world since the halcyon early 60s, however, and the performance was slightly marred when the star stopped mid-way through a rundown of Eddie Cochran's classic “Twenty Flight Rock” to tell the audience to put their phones away.

The original Cavern Club closed in 1973 and was eventually knocked down. But the bricks were used to build the venue that now stands in its place and draws Beatles fans from around the world. 

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