The Elvis Years: Mario Kombou Rocks The Joint!

The ancient and somewhat sleepy town of Bishop's Stortford, in Hertfordshire, England, is a long way from Memphis, Tennessee, but this week, for two nights, Mario Kombou brought the music of the legendary King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley, to packed houses with his show "The Elvis Years".

Mario, who has starred in the leading role of Vince Everett in the successful musical production of Jailhouse Rock, considered by many to be Presley's finest movie, at the Piccadilly Theatre in London’s West End, has been described by the King's cousin, Donna Presley, as "the best Elvis since Elvis".

Mario was invited to Memphis in August 2000 by Donna after she attended one of his shows, having been struck not only by his musical performance, but also by his personality and his mannerisms, which reminded her of Elvis himself. 

With his superb backing band he took the audience at the Rhodes Arts Compex, which over the years has seen performances by many Rock n Roll stars, including the great Gene Vincent, from the early Sun label recordings through to the Las Vegas years. 

Those who are old enough to remember the Elvis the Musical stage show that played initially at the Dominion Theatre in London's Tottenham Court Road, shortly after the death of Elvis in 1977, and which featured such incredible talents as Timothy Withnall, Shakin' Stevens, Bogdan Kominowski, and the great P.J. Proby, will agree that Mario Kombou's performance is more than comparable - indeed through his personality and his interaction with his audience - which, in the style of the King himself, is personal and humorous - he really does bring Elvis back to life.

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