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As a blogger, it is always my pleasure to share my experiences, and also to share good information and good reads that I happen to find. Recently, I happen to come across several interesting articles from the guys at INSIDR about interesting travel destinations around Europe. Note this down, it could be your next destination for your holiday!

There are a lot of non-stereotypical and amazing things that you can see all around Europe. Even in Paris, there are a lot of things that were not so well-known among tourists, but totally worth it to visit. You can find a lot of hidden rooftop in Paris and enjoy an amazing view of this city, or enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris with your loved ones. There are also a lot of hidden cocktail bars which has various drink and maybe their own signature cocktail that you should try.

The outdoor food markets are also worth the visit, and you can get the authentic French experience here and get the local experience. Not only in Amsterdam, the Red Light District in Paris is also a notable place that you should see. Don’t worry about public transportation in Paris at night, you can still go around town easily after your night out.

Who doesn't know wine from France? Of course, everyone knows it! Each region in France has its own wine, but several regions are more well-known than the others. Let's say regions like Bordeaux and Bourgogne, which were the leading producer of wine. You can go through the wine routes in Bourgogne, starts from Dijon, the beautiful city with many histories. The city center of Dijon is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it was very fascinating to visit. From there, you can go to several small villages and commune in the wine route, like Macon or Beaune.

Bordeaux is probably the most famous one for their wine. Similar to in Bourgogne, surrounding areas of Bordeaux also has a lot of wineries or châteaux, like in Saint Emilion and Medoc. There are several places around Bordeaux that you should visit. If you only have several days to spend in Bordeaux, check out the ready-made itineraries for 2 days or 3 days in Bordeaux by INSIDR. You can do a road trip along Bordeaux, visiting the areas around the city including the wine route, and don’t miss any of the interesting stuff to do in Bordeaux!

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is another exceptional place that you can find in France. It is a hilltop abbey surrounded by walls which also has a breath-taking view of the bay. Walk up to the top of the abbey, enjoy the best french foods in one of the restaurant, be it inside or outside of the wall, the choice is unlimited! Take a look at this Mont Saint Michel map before you go to make sure you will get the best experience possible from your visit.

Moving to another part of Europe, you can many interesting destination suggestions from INSIDR. Copenhagen is one of my favorite that should be there on your list of must visit places in Europe. Known as one of the happiest place in the world, this city is really worth the visit. Pay a visit to Tivoli Garden, which is the oldest theme park in the world. Not only that, this park has a lot more to offer to the visitors. This place will be a perfect destination for spending time with the whole family. 

Barcelona is another “sexy” holiday destination which is very popular among travelers. From the beautiful coast of Barceloneta to the magnificent La Sagrada Familia that was still in construction for more than a hundred years, this city never run out of interesting places to see! Whether you want to stay closer to the coast or in the city, it won’t be an issue. You have a lot of choices of place to stay in Barcelona, and the public transportation system in Barcelona is so easy to navigate. Try the authentic Catalan foods in these best restaurants in Barcelona, and also don’t miss to go to these best tapas bars while you’re there! Spend your night hopping around the speakeasy in Barcelona and meet a lot of new people.

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