The Jive Aces: They Jump, They Jive, They Wail!

The Jive Aces, a six-piece outfit formed initially by four musicians who met in the Jazz clubs of east London, have gone from street entertainers to become possibly the biggest and best known Swing and Jive band in the world.

Fronted by charismatic vocalist, trumpeter and ukulele player Ian Clarkson, the band has performed for royalty - namely Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Phillip - as well as major celebrities, and countless thousands, if not millions, of fans across the world, including two appearances at Glastonbury. 

Ian and his fellow band members, "Big" John Fordham, Ken Smith, Peter "Bilky" Howell, Vince "Professor" Hurley, and Alex Douglas, who counts the washboard amongst his repertoire of musical instruments, name amongst their musical influences such greats as Lester Young, Gene Krupa, Louis Prima and Sam Butera, but their spectacular stage show demonstrates a much wider range of styles, including Rockabilly and Skiffle.

Visually, as well as musically, the act is phenomenal, often supported by guest performers on stage, and also in the recording studio - if Chick Corea sits down in the studio with you, then you know you have reached the top of the tree!

Having released 11 albums and 5 singles, the Jive Aces are renowned for their superb promotional videos. Judge for yourself...... 

The Jive Aces are currently touring - their schedule is relentless, the band are known to have played as many as 300 gigs in one year - details available on their website

Image: Jive Aces

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