Wanted Man: The story of Mukhtar Ablyazov now available in Russian language edition

Wanted Man: The story of Mukhtar Ablyazov, A Manual for Criminals on How to Avoid Punishment in the EU, by EU Today publisher Gary Cartwright is now available in the Russian language from Amazon.

“For those of us who have fought tirelessly for Human Rights, it feel like a punch in the stomach when someone uses mechanisms to slyly promote their own self interest.  Such action undermines the work of genuine Human Rights activists and deserves to be highlighted. I commend this book for doing just that.”

Nikki Sinclaire

Former Member of the European Parliament

Member of the EP Committee on Human Rights 2009/14 

Member of The EP Committee on Women and gender Equality 2009/14 

"Gripping... an expose of how money talks in the EU and in individual member states. Corruption is a growing problem and as always, as this book shows, the guilty remain at large, and the taxpayer foots the bill."

Colin Stevens, Publisher, EU Reporter.

The book can be ordered directly through Amazon.

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