The Popularity of Bingo Around the World

The original version of Bingo is quite different from the game that many know and love today. It is said to have started in Italy around 1530, as a lottery. ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’ The game found its way to France and underwent a few changes while being played by French aristocrats in the 1770’s where it was dubbed ‘Le Lotto’, beginning the transformation into what it is today.

It didn’t take long before it was being played in Britain by the 18th century, and eventually by way of trade became popular in America. It was only in 1929 when it was called ‘Bingo’ in the US by toy maker Edwin S Lowe. Cards were then printed, combinations were increased and the game was packaged and sold.

Now with the advancement of technology, almost everyone in the world is able to play this game on online casinos, making it even more popular than before.

Popularity in Europe

Bingo has always been popular in Europe, especially in London, even British soldiers played during the Second World War. In London itself there were many bingo halls, and it was considered an outing since many halls would offer food, entertainment and drinks.

When televisions occupied a space in everyone’s household, many unused cinemas were transformed into bingo halls. The golden age for bingo was during the 1960’s, where the attendance for weekly bingo hall visits was higher than the overall attendance of high calibre football games in England.

The game is still very popular today, with those halls having been converted into venues which offer additional entertainment along with a game or two of bingo. In Sweden, it is not the older generation who enjoy bingo the most, but the younger generation.

Since bingo was brought onto online casinos, its appeal, especially 90-ball and 75-ball game skyrocketed amongst the youth.

Lots of the new crowd of bingo players are playing on their mobile phones where there is a huge range of options combined with the convenience of having it wherever you are. Boomtown bingo has put together a guide of the best mobile bingo sites in an easy to digest format as there are so many options to choose from now it can be hard to choose.

Popularity in America

Bingo first arrived on the shores of America in the 1920’s and was extremely popular at carnivals in Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. The game underwent a few changes during the 1930’s and 40’s once it was copyrighted and commercially sold. These changes included introducing a 6,000-combination win playing card, or better known today as ’75-ball’.

These changes led to the growth in popularity, and saw the game being played 10,000 times a week. Playing for fun wasn’t the only purpose of the game; there was a time in history when the Catholic church used bingo to generate funds, which contributed to its success and popularity.

Bingo halls are still incredibly popular in America, generating around $100 million a week. It is the most popular online game for women between the ages of 20-25.

Popularity in Asia

Since casinos and gambling are essentially banned in most of Asia, it has taken a while for the continent to begin enjoying the game of bingo. However, that does not mean it isn’t popular.

Statistics show that the bingo market in Japan is bigger than that of the UK, and is behind the US which is first. Pachinko has always been the mainstay and favorite pastime of many Japanese citizens, but bingo is slowly catching up. With the laws around gambling changing in Japan since the potential construction of integrated resorts, bingo may be making its way into the assortment of games that will be provided.

Because there is no legislation relating to bingo, or online bingo, it is still considered illegal for sites within the territory to host it, however many citizens are using offshore sites to play bingo.

Bingo has had a long life and was nearly forgotten, however since the popularity of online casinos rose at a swift rate over the last few years, it has been revived. Online bingo is seeing many changes, and on some sites looks very different to the traditional game. With the use of themed cards, such as movie genres or the names of celebrities, the game is yet again increasing in popularity.

With the advancement in technology, the social aspect of bingo is still alive and well, with players being able to communicate whilst playing. There is a definite need for bingo to be included as a game in every online casino, and time will tell if that happens.

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