“101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu" - 101 experiences in Kazakhstan!

Hertfordshire Press, a leading British publishing house, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Slovak Republic and the national company Kazakh Tourism, published one of the first books about Kazakhstan in the Slovak language called 101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu” (101 experiences from Kazakhstan) a vivid photo album and a kind of tourist guide that reveals in detail the origin and traditions of the country from ancient times to the present day, presenting people, architecture, interesting cities, amazing nature, mountains, and lakes full of beauty and numerous attractions.

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For thousands of years, Kazakhstan has been a meeting place for civilisations, located in the very centre of the Great Silk Road. Today it is a country with a rapidly growing economy, a stable political system, and a unique culture in the Eurasian region.

The book clearly proves that Kazakhstan is one of the richest countries in Central Asia in terms of natural beauty, which everyone should see with their own eyes.

Famous places attract guests with emerald green pine forests and kilometres of stunning canyons, and the mountains are not only fascinating with their massiveness but also allow one to experience many adventures at any time of the year.

The book was published at the height of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic when it had been strange even to think that humanity would ever be able to return to normal life again, an integral part of which is traveling, discovering unknown places, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences. Nevertheless, as more and more news pour in from different parts of the world about progress in the development of vaccines against coronavirus this gives us hope that, in fact, a possibility of returning to normality is not that far off. This colourful book is a symbol of this hope for a fast return to a normal future. The publication of this book, one of the first about our country in the beautiful Slovak language, provides inspiration, and with it would like to say to our friends from the bottom of our hearts: ‘Welcome to a huge and unique country in the heart of Eurasia!’

Roman Vassilenko, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Slovakia.

Having opened the book, the reader is instantly carried away to the land of the Great Steppe and with each “experience” one will find out more about the hospitable atmosphere of the largest country in Central Asia, learn about its architecture, monuments, nature, people, and cuisine. Of course, reading the book is only the first step towards experiencing a genuine experience, and the book's publishers hope that it will encourage readers to visit Kazakhstan in person.

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The book “101 zážitkov z Kazachstanu” is part of the successful Discovery Digest book series, which already includes such books as "100 facts about Kyrgyzstan" "Cuisine of Central Asia", "100 facts about Kazakhstan".

this unique new book, prepared by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Slovakia, along with world-renowned experts and some of the best photographers, has been published in 1,000 copies and is distributed by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Bratislava.

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