EU urged to act to save Europe's culture sector

Seven EU Commissioners and a broad range of decision-makers took great interest in the launch of a revealing new EY study on Europe’s creative industries earlier this week.

The study, commissioned by GESAC in partnership with nine other creative sector organisations, was followed by a full day of meetings with European Commission Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis, Vice-Presidents Schinas and Šuica, and Commissioners Breton, Gabriel, Gentiloni and Schmit.

The meetings were featured a creative sector delegation, led by the President of GESAC Jean-Noel Tronc and the electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre.

The following four messages summarise the feedback from Commissioners:

  1. Member States are expected to include in their national recovery plans a substantial allocation for investment in cultural and creative sectors. Commissioners expressed their commitment to follow-up by providing an overview of the plans, developing benchmarks for culture and assisting the relevant parties.
  2. Solid legal framework at the EU level is key for the development of the sector. In this respect the recently adopted Copyright Directive is a great achievement, and opportunity for the EU to fill a crucial gap in the legislation to better protect creators and rightsholders.
  3. Culture is an indispensable element for the EU, for its values, social cohesion, its diversity and its unity. Given the extraordinary circumstances of today, culture should play a central role in public health considerations, and in offering hope for the future.
  4. A forward-looking strategy should be developed in cooperation with stakeholders to relaunch cultural activities by adapting them to the “new normal”. Commissioners expressed great willingness to hear ideas coming from the creative sector and work towards new protocols that can make a relaunch of public events possible.

The study reveals the most up to date figures on the importance of cultural and creative industries, the impact of the pandemic and offers solutions for future.

Jean-Noel Tronc, President of GESAC, said: “We are grateful for the close interest of the Commission and their thorough understanding of the key importance of our sector for Europe. We are encouraged by the commitment shown by a number of Vice-Presidents and Commissioners for a relaunching of activities, a comprehensive recovery in mid-term and the sustainable growth of the sector in long-term through a solid legal framework for authors’ rights.”

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Martin Banks

Martin Banks

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