Existence Through Chaos and Order: Art Exhibition "Correlative Contradict"

Photographer, graphics designer, filmmaker and artist Robert Lösch shows in his latest exhibition "Korrelatives Kontradikt" ("Correlative Contradict") https://www.robertloesch.at/korrelatives-kontradikt/ from 12/6/2021 to 1/7/2022 at NV Center Galleries (St. Pölten) his personal examination of existence itself, in the form of the contrast between chaos and order.

His interdisciplinary works depict the interactions between planned and random that are necessary for life. The exhibition is a combination of individual works and series. The contrasts extend from the big picture to the smallest detail and thus form a contextual framework.

Lösch Robert

The great unifying element is the often interdisciplinary and content-precise examination of the stories hidden in the background, which relate to fundamentals of existence. Thus emotional as well as geometric themes are dealt with. Physics, mind and heart ultimately resonate in unison, not least due to precise graphic or felt random image design.

"Correlative Contradict"

Robert Lösch studied architecture at Technical University of Graz (A) and at Politecnico Milano (I) as well as photography at Graphische Vienna (A) and graduated from the Master School for Communication and Design at Graphische Vienna (A). Previously he has exhibited also at Kunsthaus Graz (A), at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (A) and at designforum Vienna (A) among others. His love for architecture, penchant for precision and passion for photography are reflected in all his works and always alternate not only in their nature but also in their expression. The name of the exhibition is partly made up of his own word creation and denotes a state of actual opposites that, precisely because of their disparity, form a cohesive whole. The interdisciplinary techniques employed range from painting to photography to riding motorcycles.

Among numerous other works, this exhibition focuses particularly on two pieces. "Hernieder" (engl. "Down") (https://www.robertloesch.at/hernieder ) is both a homage and a questioning to the Old Master Luca Giordano. His probably best-known painting "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" raises some questions on closer inspection, which Robert Lösch takes up in his new interpretation and, among other things, illuminates in a socio-critical way. The second main work in the exhibition is entitled "Fire & Earth" (https://www.robertloesch.at/fire-earth ) and represents an attempt to capture emotion as memory. It deals with forgetting and the distortion of memories through time and space. Ultimately, through many paths, everything suddenly ends in a painting of almost 2m^2 in size, created with a motorcycle in a ruined castle.

Works of the exhibition

"Fire & Earth"

Series of three preliminary works and one main work: "Enginge Pouring" or "Acrylic Acceleration" on canvas, 190 x 105 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/fire-earth )

Space and time meet at this point. Art, design, technology and history try to capture a single thought with all their power, to manifest an emotion.


Triptych: photography on self-adhesive clear film and translucent VSG glazing, 3x: 66 x 161 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/hernieder )

First exhibited in the Bassano Room of Kunsthistorisches Museum (khm), the original window panes are a donation from the khm. The work refers to a painting by the Old Master Luca Giordano. It reinterprets aspects of his work in a socio-critical context.

"Nicaragua - Fighting For Freedom"

Painting (pigment/acrylic on canvas): 200 x 115 cm; two photographs on canvas: à 145 x 100 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/nicaragua-freedom )

Nicaragua is fighting for its freedom and is at a crossroads between peace and violence. The turmoil of the country is expressively depicted. The painting was created in cooperation with the Nicaraguan artist Rebeca Mandlberger and originally also served as a projection screen for an art video. The photographs were taken by Robert Lösch during a stay in Nicaragua and are overlaid with photos of lost places.

"LASPP - Live Action Splatter Painting (Photography)"

Open series: acrylic splatter on canvas, main image: 160 x 110 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/laspp-live-action-splatter-painting-exhibition )

The canvas as a projection screen for a single moment. Color in the flow through space is captured photographically at the exact moment of "creation". But here the focus is not on the photograph, but on its imprint in the world: the image on the canvas.


Open series: overpainting of a photograph on canvas, all images: 125 x 85 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/verschachtelung )

Everything in the world hangs together in a multi-layered, multi-dimensional space. "Interlacing" are nested meta-pictures of the second iteration, pictures of pictures of pictures.


acrylic/pigment on canvas: 70 x 100 cm (https://www.robertloesch.at/megalomania )

The mania for ever larger megastructures, for spatial densification, leads us into an unknown future. Whether full of unimagined possibilities or meaning darkness is often purely subjective.


Open series: acrylic / pigment on canvas: different formats (https://www.robertloesch.at/2d-3d )

The space is just as much an illusion as the surface. The interweaving, however, thanks to the correlation of all components, creates a perspective that is more fatamorgana than a real spatial construct.

Partners of the exhibition
Canon Austria GmbH, Kunsthistorisches Museum (khm), Rebeca Mandlberger, Viktor Nezhyba, Burgruine Aggstein, Revolvers Creative, Concept Solutions, foroom Möbeltischlerei, grellWeiß Druck

See Robert Lösch's blog post at https://robertloesch.at/korrelatives-kontradikt-press for more high-resolution photos.

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