Former BBC Journalist Peter Marshall Pens Spy Thriller

"There Are No Coincidences" follows an English woman unexpectedly immersed in international espionage.

The third part of Peter Marshall's spy thriller trilogy, "There Are No Coincidences" follows a British woman who goes on an online date with a Russian and ends up with more than she bargained for. This novel follows her unexpected dive into the world of international espionage and an exciting adventure in Japan.

Marshall draws from his experience in the Britain's Royal Navy, his time in Washington, D.C., and his journalistic career to pen a riveting and grounded spy thriller following an English woman who winds up being an international operative. After her online date with a Russian "naval officer" ends up taking a surprising twist, as well as a dramatic naval funeral and the arrest of a diplomat, she becomes a CIA operator and sent to a vital mission in Japan.

There Are No Coincidences

Coincidentally, her Russian lover has also been appointed to work in Tokyo. She is entangled in a web of intrigue as the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States try to outsmart the Russian GRU. At the same time, her British spymaster also arrives in Japan. Multiple plot-threads and conspiracies come to ahead with a conclusion that readers will not expect. "It was the Russian Novichok poisoning in nearby Salisbury, UK, in 2018 by two Russian spies which inspired the story of 'The Russian Lieutenant.'"Marshall says.

Additionally, the author's experience serves as the basis for the British, American and Russian characters in his spy novel series. Following "The Russian Lieutenant," he continued their adventures in "Beyond the Funeral." Now their exploits go on with "There Are No Coincidences." Unbound by journalistic constraints to be fact-based, Marshall is free to let his imagination run wild by writing spy fiction while drawing inspiration from and paying homage to his favorite authors of the genre, such as John le Carre, Ben McIntyre, Ian McEwen and of course Ian Fleming. About the Author.

Peter Marshall is a former BBC journalist who entered the satellite communications business including 12 years in the United States working on the development of satellite services for international TV news. He has traveled around the world which provides the background for his stories. Currently he is retired and living on the south coast of the United Kingdom, writing works of fiction as well as non-fiction, including books on satellite and space industries as well as human spaceflight.

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