L.S. Lowry Berwick Beach Scene bought for £162k

A painting by "matchstick figures" artist L.S. Lowry is to take up permanent residence in the Northumberland town that inspired it, the BBC has reported.

Berwick Museum and Art Gallery paid £162,500 for Beach Scene, painted circa 1960, which depicts sand dunes in Spittal in Berwick.

The Lancashire artist, known for his industrial scenes, regularly visited the North East for more than 40 years.

L S  Lowry

The museum said it was "thrilled" with the painting.

During his holidays in the area from the 1930s to the summer before he died in 1976, the artist created more than 30 sketches, drawings and paintings of Berwick.

Rowan Brown, chief executive of Museums Northumberland, said: "Lowry is probably best known for his industrial landscapes of the North West, but many people don't know he also produced many paintings of the North East coast, and in particular Berwick-upon-Tweed.

"Despite there being up to 30 drawings and paintings of Berwick by Lowry, none have ever been on permanent display in the town.

"We're thrilled that local people and visitors will now have to opportunity to enjoy the work of one of England's most iconic artists in the coastal town that inspired him throughout his long career."

Museums Northumberland was able to buy the painting thanks to funding from Art Fund, Arts Council England, The Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives, and the Guild of Freemen of the town of Berwick.

Image (Lowry): By Black Stripe - front cover, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/ind...

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