New books by Hertfordshire Press presented in London by authors from 10 countries of the Eurasian region

On June 24th, the official opening of the 9th literary festival OEBF took place, this year it was held in collaboration with the 3rd Eurasian Film Festival and the 5th Romford Film Festival.

The important significance of the event lies not only in the opening of three festivals, but also in the opening of the first memorial dedicated to the Kyrgyz writer Kazat Akmatov. This truly historic event was shared and supported by the Mayor of Romford, Mr. John Mylod, he personally thanked the Mercury Shopping Center and the Eurasian Creative Guild for the development of the culture and literature of Kyrgyzstan.

Moreover, during the official opening of the festival, the deputy director of the publishing house Hertfordshire Press - Angelina Krasnogir presented all the new books of the Hertfordshire Press and the books of the winners of the 8th international competition “Open Eurasia-2019”.

Within the framework of the presentation, the following books were presented:

Zhanna Golubitskaya «ТЕГЕРАН—1360» (Russia)

The novel "TEHERAN - 1360" about the life of a Soviet schoolgirl in the Iranian capital during the Islamic revolution and the Iranian-Iraqi war was written on the basis of the author's own childhood memories.

Ion Jani «And Longer life lasts» (Russia)

AND LONGER LIFE LASTS is the author's adaptation in 3 languages: English, Russian & Karabakh. According to the stories of Saternik, the noble grandmother of a friend of mine from Karabakh.

Ekaterina Khlebnikova «I think we should just live» (Russia)

It opens with the poem "I am for just living" - which is the author's manifesto for life as she introduces herself to the reader. Later, her stylistic expression becomes more philosophical: "I am waiting for a change in the wind", which is written in a variety of styles.

Sagyn Berkinalieva «Girl dancing in the sky» (Kyrgyzstan)

In this jewel-like collection of poems from Kyrgyz poet Sagyn Berkinalieva, the poet explores her own personal destiny and her memorable insights into love.

Nadezhda Serebrennikova «Дневник Ёжика-путешественника, или Где живёт счастье?» (USA)

Every child who opens this book, from the first lines will become a reader of an ordinary hedgehog’s diary. Although, how can there be an ordinary hedgehog who keeps a diary?

Hosiyat Rustamova «Colourful tears» (Uzbekistan)

I read every poem at least twice, my dear friend! Your heart is a planet full of secrets, concerns, compassion and love. You are a true poet, a natural poet, a pure poet as pure as you My dear poet!

Farhat Tamendarov «Hunting Dogs» (Kazakhstan)

Hunting Dogs takes us on a journey from Kazakhstan to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast and reflects the harsh realities of modern-day life.

Eurasian literary collection. Volume 4 "Нить-4"

This edition is the fourth in the series of Eurasian literary collections. More than sixty authors from fourteen countries have taken part in the project since 2018.

Bayangali Alimzhanov «A hundred years on the steppe» (Kazakhstan)

This book contains three works by the renowned Kazakh author Bayangali Alimzhanov. The first and longest story is a riveting snapshot of twentieth century Kazakh history narrated by a hundred-year-old steppe dweller.

Nick Rowan «The Silk Road: Revisited» (United Kingdom)

Take a trip along this remarkable route as it runs from Venice, through the Mediterranean, across Turkey and Iran, through the Caucasus and Caspian Sea, onwards via Central Asia and finally to China.

Gareth Stamp «The Egret and the Cow» and «The Goat That Wanted to Travel» (United Kingdom)

In the flooded fields of Southern India unusual friendships between different animals can be seen – how did they start? Here is one tale that may explain

Timur Akhmedjanov «Elish and the wicker tale» (United Kingdom)

'Elish and the Wicker Tale' is a graphic novel based on the original story by Kamran Salayev. It follows the life of Elish, a young boy who has trouble communicating and coping with the world around him.

Christopher Jones «Meet The 'Stans» (New Zealand)

With a history as sensational as Central Asia’s, it’s not hard to be entertaining. All the more so when it's uncovered by an author, as he picks his way through in a confusing, captivating, and often comical exploration of the region.

Victor Kozlov «The Russian Mentality» (Russia)

An exploration into the birth processes of the Russian mentality set in juxtaposition to Western mentalities, V. V. Kozlov draws on the works of many eminent philosophers, historians, sociologists and authors in his research.


Dulat Isabekov was born in 1942. He made his debut in 1963 with the short story collection På väg and has since published a dozen collections of short stories, several novels and over twenty plays, some of which have been performed in London theaters

Ali Panther «Взлететь над Жизнью» (Switzerland)

Fly Above Life ”is a fragment of the life of young people. Participants in a love triangle, in love with life, with themselves and with the mystical mother of their little son, will experience an unpredictable whirlpool of events, experiences and feelings.

Gulsifat Shahidi «FARKHOD FROM NAVGHILEM» (Tajikistan)

In the wake of the civil war which devastated Tajikistan, Gulsifat Shakhidi’s Farkhod from Navghilem tells the story of Farkhod and his friends, who navigate the new world they find themselves in with wit.

Mikhail Kunitsky "Traveling on four paws" (Belarus)

If you believe in miracles small and large, then this book is undoubtedly for you. It is not so much about the journey as about the world which is full of exciting, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, but fascinating moments.

Poetic Almanac 2021 «Voices of Friends»

This poetry collection, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the poet Sir Walter Scott, is a unique international collaboration, created by the ECG. It's an almanac of poems from many countries taking you through the year, showcasing both favourite classics and new work from living poets.

Sergey Bely «Маэстро и Муза» (Ukraine)

The maestro is the main character, he married the Muse, they have a romantic life full of adventure, travel and kindness. It is full of many positive moments, while negative events are taking place in the world as well.

Aldona Grupas «IT'S HARD TO BE AN ANGEL» и «Нелегко быть Ангелом» (United Kingdom)

This book by Aldona Grupas is written with love, which can help you get a different perspective about these complex issues. You can benefit from Aldona's rich experience of over thirty years in the field of caring for the elderly and infirm.

Aldona Grupas «WEST MIDLANDS HO!» (United Kingdom)

In the book, Lithuanian author Aldona Grupas reveals the personal tales of Lithuanian migrants who moved to Britain in the wake of World War II. Unable to return to their homeland due to the Soviet occupation, from 1947 onwards

The event was attended personally by two winners of the Open Eurasia 2020 competition in the Prose category: Nina Yagolnitser (Israel) and Aldona Grupas (UK). They made a presentation of their books and works, which have been implemented and will be published this year by Hertfordshire Press.

We also express our personal gratitude to the Mercury Shopping Center, Spencer Hawken, Natalie Bays, John Farndon, Marat Akhmedjanov, Lucius Hardy, Alexandra Rey, the Embassy of the Russian Federation and all volunteers for their support and assistance in organizing an unforgettable festival.

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