New contemporary art expo opens at Brussels gallery

Calling all culture vultures – a new art exhibition at a Brussels gallery could be just for you.

The expo, at Gallery 55 in Ixelles, features a collection of largely contemporary art by a range of artists, some of them local. Many of the items on display at the small gallery are also available for purchase.

One of the artists displaying her work is Jans Delphine, who works under the name of Yastarine. She is a self-taught artist from Brussels and, according to local arts critics, is “living proof” that it is never too late to accomplish one’s dreams and passions.

She explained the ethos behind her work, telling this website, “I am, in my work, perpetually in search of freedom and authenticity.”


Broadly characterising her style as “geometric and kinetic art” she added, “Through my complex creations I seek to convey deeper messages to the benefit of the viewer.”

She said she usually relies on developing favourite themes: “the passage of time, the complexity of ideas and feelings.

“I play with supports and materials, both wood and canvas and sometimes integrate LEDs which give an extra dimension to my works.

“My contemporary style is anchored in modernity. Some of my works allow interaction between the creation and its owner.

“I like to take the viewer beyond my field of possibilities.”

She acknowledges the support given by Gallery 55 in encouraging her “artistic evolution”.

“This has given me confidence to present my work at various exhibitions and in front of the public, the latest one being this exhibition.”

The expo is called "ART XXL" and hers is one of several items on display at the contemporary art and design gallery. Other artists exhibiting their work include Sabine Beghin, Gisèle H., Patrick Perry and Damien Ferré.

Further info via: Galerie 55 Rue Darwin,55 1050 Bruxelles

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